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Keaton – Cops – and the First Baptist Church of Hollywood

During the frenzied chase at the conclusion of Buster Keaton’s most famous short comedy Cops (1922), Buster grabs hold of a passing car one-handed that whisks him out of frame away from a mob of police (above).  As I explain … Continue reading

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Harry Langdon – The Strong Man Part 2

Continuing my prior post about the vamp woman’s apartment in Harry Langdon’s 1926 comedy feature The Strong Man, Harry meets the unscrupulous woman, played by Gertrude Astor, at the corner of Carondelet Street and W. 7th Street.  With a suspicious … Continue reading

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Help Please? – Silent Jailbreak – SOLVED

My friend Steve Vaught, who writes a wonderful blog about historic Hollywood and Southern California architecture at Paradise Leased, recently appealed to his readers, with great success, for help identifying certain classic Hollywood homes.  So I thought I would give … Continue reading

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How Harold Lloyd Filmed the Girl Shy Trolley Stunts

Following the great success of Safety Last! (1923), Harold Lloyd further cemented his reputation as a dare-devil comic with his first independently produced feature comedy Girl Shy (1924).  In that film, Harold discovers the woman he loves is about to … Continue reading

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Keaton’s Highland Goat Garage

During the frantic chase in Buster Keaton’s 1921 short film The Goat, Buster attempts to flee the police by leaping onto the rear spare tire of a departing car, only to find himself sitting instead on a freestanding auto garage … Continue reading

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