Keaton Sherlock Jr. – Valentino Blood and Sand – at Avalon Silent Film Showcase

Buster Keaton’s brilliant comedy Sherlock Jr., and Rudolph Valentino’s smoldering performance as a conflicted bullfighter in Blood and Sand, highlight this year’s Avalon Silent Film Showcase, hosted on Catalina Island at the beautiful Avalon Casino Theatre, on May 13 – 14. Avalon Sherlock link. Avalon Blood and Sand link. Both screenings will be accompanied with live musical performances by renowned pianist and composer Michael Mortilla.

I will be introducing both films, sharing their visual history. Below, a few snippets from my illustrated talks.

Above, an early scene from Sherlock was filmed beside Buster’s studio corner.

This famous publicity still was taken beside the corner of Keaton’s studio barn.

Rudy spelled his name differently over the years, and was promoted as RODOLPH rather than Rudolph for Blood and Sand.

You can see the bullfighting ring set built for Blood and Sand at the former Lasky Ranch in Burbank, now part of the Forest Lawn Cemetery. (Photo – Valentino author Donna Hill.)

Last, check out my latest video for Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Recognized as one of the world’s longest running annual celebrations of Silent Film, the main event of Avalon’s 35th annual showcase is held in the historic Avalon Casino Theatre, William Wrigley Jr.’s 1929 Art Deco Movie Palace. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I hope you’ll consider supporting the Avalon Silent Film Showcase by attending.

Avalon Sherlock May 13 link.     Avalon Blood and Sand May 14 link.

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