New revelations about Safety Last! and The Kid

Two recent YouTube videos revealing new details from Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last!, and Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, are now uploaded to my YouTube Channel. The channel includes a playlist of other video presentations hosted by museums and other groups.

Hang on – how Harold Lloyd made Safety Last!

A few sample slides below, see how Harold filmed atop increasingly taller buildings, five in all, how a single scene was filmed atop three different buildings, also scenes near USC, MacArthur Park, and at the Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd Alley in Hollywood. 

The background music is a piano rag I wrote 47 years ago (!), and transcribed as a Musescore file. Here’s a YouTube video showing a computer (not me) playing the piano rag.

How Edna lost and Charlie found the baby who became The Kid

Chaplin’s beautiful scores for The Kid accompany this detailed study of the movie’s opening scenes, showing step by step views of early Hollywood, and the Plaza/Chinatown neighborhoods downtown, to reveal where Edna Purviance lost and Charlie found the baby who became “The Kid.”

Posting these videos has been a lot of fun. Rather than explain, it’s far more satisfying to show these details, so viewers can see for themselves. My blog has numerous other posts about Safety Last! and The Kid, see below.

Thank you so much – this is now video number 11, and I hope to continue uploading new videos every month or so to my YouTube Channel.

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4 Responses to New revelations about Safety Last! and The Kid

  1. tony gannon says:

    Hello John.

    I watched this film the other night…”Mansion Of The Doomed 1976″ different to say the least, i like Richard Basehart.

    I noticed how many lovely houses were in the scenes that were probably built in the silent period and the house that Richard Basehart was living in, at times looked much like the house at 55 Fremont Place.

    At times i thought i nailed it and at other times, i was not so sure, the most telling for me, are the windows at 1:15:35. In the end i couldn’t tell what was front or back of the house, also the only reference point i could see was a scene at 00:44:54, which l think says, Lucerne Boulevard, any ideas?

                                                                                               Kind regards. Tony ________________________________


    • Thanks Tony – that clearly is 55 Fremont Place. The end with the credits looks north at the south end of the house. There’s a tight shot looking west, where Basehart runs north across the front porch, and several scenes showing the Fremont Place gates. Good catch – thanks for sharing – John


  2. tony gannon says:

    The photos are on Zillow…. $16,995,000 7 bd8 ba10,567 sqft 55 Fremont Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90005 For sale Zestimate®: $15,552,400


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