YouTube Channel

After writing three books, and now 300 blog posts explaining the visual history hidden in silent movies, I’ve learned how to make YouTube videos that show this history directly. I’ve prepared over 15 Blu-ray/DVD bonus programs, and been invited to introduce films using PowerPoint seventy times, so from this reservoir of material I plan to release YouTube videos regularly. Here’s the link to my new channel, and links to each video below.

Silent Locations YouTube Channel

The channel includes a Playlist of my video presentations hosted by museums and other groups.

The Little Tramp’s Screen Debut – How Charlie Chaplin Made “Kid Auto Races in Venice” – score by John Bengtson

How Harold Lloyd made Safety Last! – score by John Bengtson

How Edna lost and Charlie found the baby who became The Kid

To the Church – how Buster Keaton made Seven Chances – score by Jon Mirsalis

Case Closed! How Buster Keaton filmed Sherlock Jr. – score by Michael D. Mortilla

How Buster Keaton filmed Steamboat Bill, Jr – score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

Buster Keaton’s studio tour, where Charlie filmed too – score by Frederick Hodges

Harold, Buster, Charlie, Mary and Doug were once neighbors – score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

A Hollywood lemon grove became the Charlie Chaplin Studio – with Chaplin’s beautiful score from The Kid

A century ago, Buster Keaton filmed four movies at the then-small USC campus – a few Harold Lloyd and Laurel & Hardy locations too

Silent Footsteps – overlapping clues from a dozen silent films reveal the Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd Alley – musical score by Jon Mirsalis

Honor the Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd alley in Hollywood