Charlie, Buster, and Harold Silent Footsteps LA Tour

Hosted by the Los Angeles City Historical Society, Charlie, Buster, and Harold’s guided silent footsteps tour across Bunker Hill, Chinatown, Olvera Street, and other historic downtown locations is now posted on YouTube.

The webinar is free, but the Historical Society always welcomes support and new members.

The tour takes you step by step across early LA landscapes, many of which no longer exist. Above, a cop checks on Jackie Coogan during The Kid (1921), beside the former Tin How Mui Temple at Juan and Apablasa, once part of the original Chinatown, demolished to make way for Union Station.

Harold (left) in Ask Father (1919) and Buster (center) in Cops (1922) form a panoramic view looking west down New High Street from Temple. These grand early Civic Center buildings, and even the street, no longer exist.

From another era, Harold and Bebe Daniels in Lonesome Luke Messenger (1917) on the front lawn of the incredible Bradbury Mansion atop Court Hill, demolished in 1929.

Buster races south from down Arcadia from Main Street, past Sanchez Alley on the right, during Cops. The Santa Ana freeway now cuts through this site.

Please help support naming the Chaplin Keaton Lloyd alley in Hollywood by posting a review on Google Maps. Prototype alley sign design by noted Dutch graphic artist – Piet Schreuders. Download a 4-page brochure about the alley HERE. This video further explains the alley – if you can, please leave a thumbs up and share it with others.


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5 Responses to Charlie, Buster, and Harold Silent Footsteps LA Tour

  1. David says:

    Love to go on this tour but I get off work At 230 pm in HB ca I would like to see where Charlie made his movies in Hollywood after I lived in the Niles section of Fremont ca where he actually started to take off I know about Musso and Frank’s restaurant he ate at sometimes and the booth he liked to sit in this will be on you tube I hope I can see later

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  2. Ah, I see the Rag Man alley will be on the tour. And man, that Bradbury Mansion is amazing! It looks like the kind of place that would have several secret passages in it.

    Good luck with the tour! Look forward to watching the video on YouTube.

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  3. Laura says:

    Why not feature Lois Weber in naming the alley? As you have noted, she used it as a location first. Her story is important yet often overlooked (including in this naming campaign). She was a prolific director as well as screenwriter, actor, producer and film company owner, and the first female had of the Motion Picture Directors Association. Focusing on the men who are already famous perpetuates the dismissal of women pioneers in the story of Hollywood’s beginnings. Do justice to the true history of the alley in promoting its recognition.


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