Harry Langdon – The Strong Man Part 2

Click to enlarge.  Harry Langdon standing on the corner of Carondelet and W. 7th, in The Strong Man.  (C) 2012 Google.

Continuing my prior post about the vamp woman’s apartment in Harry Langdon’s 1926 comedy feature The Strong Man, Harry meets the unscrupulous woman, played by Gertrude Astor, at the corner of Carondelet Street and W. 7th Street.  With a suspicious cop on her tail, the woman hides her criminal boyfriend’s roll of cash in Harry’s coat.

Gertrude Astor is about to con Harry Langdon.  The doorway to the 2500 W. 7th Street appears at back.

Moments later, Gertrude drags Harry into a taxi parked in front of the Trebor Apartments, built in 1909, at 2520 W. 7th Street, just a few steps west of the corner where they met.

The Trebor Apartments at 2520 W. 7th


Child actress Soleil Moon Frye walks her puppy past the Trebor in the opening credits to Punky Brewster

Lindsay Blake reports on her I Am Not A Stalker pop culture locations website that the Trebor Apartments also portrayed the home of Punky Brewster in the 1980s NBC sitcom.

The Strong Man (C) 1926 First National Pictures, Inc., (C) renewed 1954 Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc.

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5 Responses to Harry Langdon – The Strong Man Part 2

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  2. That is so interesting! Good detective work.


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