A Dozen Prominent Keaton Locations

1.                  “Seven Chances” church, at 2610 La Salle Avenue, page 152 of book.

2.                  “Sherlock Jr” rooftop RR crossing guard stunt, 3630 Pasadena Avenue at Avenue 37, page 139.

3.                  Statue of General Otis from “Hard Luck” in MacArthur Park, corner of Wilshire and Park View Street, page 40.

4.                  Caveman Arch Rock in “Three Ages,” Garden of the Gods, Iverson Movie Ranch, Red Mesa Drive, in Chatsworth, at 11238 Sierra Pass Place, pages 73, 115-125.

5.                  “Go West” cattle drive towards downtown, view east down 4th Street from 4th Street Viaduct at the original Coca Cola Building at 963 E. 4th Street, page 168

6.                  “Cops” alleys, at Cahuenga just south of Hollywood Boulevard, and Cosmo, just south of Hollywood Boulevard, pages 92 and 80.

7.                  “Seven Chances” chase past a row of extant bungalows, crossing Olympic at Bronson, then continuing south down Bronson from Olympic, pages 160-161.

8.                 “The Cameraman” fire truck, the corner of Hollywood and Vine, page 223

9.                 “College,” Buster arrives at the Glendale Amtrak station, page 200.

10.              “Battling Butler,” Buster’s mansion is the Talmadge Apartments, 3278 Wilshire at Berendo, page 175.

11.              “Scarecrow,” Buster and Sybil ride past the home at 618 Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, page 33.

12.              “The Goat,” Virginia Fox’s apartment house, 914 S. Alvarado, page 63.

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2 Responses to A Dozen Prominent Keaton Locations

  1. adam says:

    I recently watched “college” and noticed the high school in the beginning on the film. It looked VERY familiar to Chino High School’s old campus in california that had been demolished in the 50s. I am a recent chino high graduate and did a mural of that building. so with all that said, would you happen to know what high school or building that is used in the film? if your interested in seeing pictures of the old chino high building, send me an email and i will show you so you can see for yourself.


  2. Hi Adam
    Thanks for your note. That formal style of high school architecture was fairly common at the time. As I show in my book, Buster used Glendale’s Union High School for the exterior scenes from the movie.


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