Details Behind Video Tour of Chaplin Keystone Locations

I highly recommend the Chaplin at Keystone DVD collection presented by Flicker Alley.  Watching these beautiful restorations of Chaplin’s earliest films made during 1914 at the Keystone Studio is a revelation.  For years only nearly unwatchable copies of these films were available.  Now you can now clearly see Charlie’s face, nuances, and gestures, and appreciate why he stood out, and made such an immediate hit with audiences worldwide.

As part of the collection, I was honored to prepare a short bonus feature program outlining some of the film locations appearing in Chaplin’s Keystone films.  A viewer has posted this program tour on YouTube.

During the program, I mention that during Chaplin’s first film, Making A Living, you can see the mouth of the former Broadway Tunnel behind Charlie as runs down the street from the former Los Angeles Times Building on the corner of 1st Street.  While this is hard to see during the program, the images here are easier to follow.

In this image the mouth of the tunnel appears directly above Chaplin, while the former Los Angeles Times Building stands on the corner to the upper right.

This vintage view looks up Broadway from a few blocks further south.  The prominent crenelated clock tower is the former Los Angeles Times Building.

This closer view shows the southern portal of the former Broadway Tunnel.

The Hall of Justice Building to the right in this full view, completed in 1925, remains standing, but has been vacant since the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.

Today nothing of the hill and the Broadway Tunnel remain.  Google Street View – (c) 2011 Google Inc.

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