Chaplin – A Film Johnnie at the Bryson

The remarkable image quality of the new Chaplin at Keystone collection from Flicker Alley makes it possible to identify several more scenes from Charlie’s earliest films.  As shown here, the extant Bryson Apartments (2701 Wilshire Blvd.) stood in for the front of the Keystone Studios in A Film Johnnie (1914). Presumably Sennett did not believe the actual façade of his studio was sufficiently impressive.

A Film Johnnie filmed in front of the extant Bryson Apartments

Built in 1913, the apartments may be best known as a setting described in Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe detective classic The Lady in the Lake.

As explained in my book Silent Traces, the Bryson Apartments also appear in the background above Edna Purviance’s head during a scene from Chaplin’s Mutual comedy The Rink (1916), where Charlie meets Edna on the street beside the home of William Henry Cline, at the SE corner of Wilshire Place and Ingraham (now Sunset Place).

The Rink with the Bryson Apartments above Edna

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