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Charlie Chaplin – The Kid’s Tearful Olvera Street Reunion

The heart-tugging reunion in The Kid (1921) played between Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp and his “adopted” son (Jackie Coogan) remains one of the most emotionally charged scenes in all of film history.  Remarkably, the setting for this iconic scene remains … Continue reading

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The Artist Locations – Part 7 – Uggie and Peppy Save the Day

Now that the multi-Oscar-winning Best Picture The Artist is available for study on home video, I can present more locations from the film, including the street sign mentioned in my first post (see left), visible when Uggie the dog summons … Continue reading

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Stan Laurel in Chaplin’s Footprints

Stan Laurel may have crossed paths with Buster Keaton (see former post), but for a time early in his career the English comedian was Charlie Chaplin’s understudy and room-mate, when they were both music hall entertainers touring the United States … Continue reading

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Tour of Chaplin’s The Kid

Attached below is a PowerPoint presentation showing the historic settings in Chinatown and the Plaza de Los Angeles where Chaplin filmed his early masterpiece The Kid (1921).  The file is about 60MB, and you will need a PowerPoint viewer to … Continue reading

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