Buster Keaton – Three Stooges – LAPL Author Lecture

I want to thank everyone for attending my Silent Footsteps lecture held September 15 at the Los Angeles Public Library Taper Auditorium, hosted by Photo Friends.

Using archival photographs, vintage maps, and then and now comparison photos, I led a virtual tour across the lost-and-found neighborhoods of Bunker Hill, Court Hill, and the downtown Los Angeles Historic Core, as documented in the films of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd.

Part of my talk contrasted Buster Keaton’s classic short films Neighbors, The Goat, and Cops with scenes from the very first film appearance of the Three Stooges in Soup To Nuts (1930) (see prior post).   I will elaborate on this discovery in a later post, but for now here are Buster and the Stooges, filmed ten years apart in the shadow of City Hall, looking south down Market Street (now lost) from the corner of San Pedro.

Notice the brick work detail on the corner of the building below.

Click to enlarge – looking south down Market Street at San Pedro –  Soup To Nuts and Neighbors

Soup To Nuts Copyright 1930 Fox Film Corporation.   Neighbors licensed by Douris UK, Ltd.  Flyer design – Amy Inouye – Future Studio

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