View Academy Lecture on The General Locations

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has posted the PowerPoint presentation I gave on July 20, 2011 concerning Buster Keaton’s Civil War comedy The General (1927).

You can watch the presentation here.

You can find a complete report about The General film locations in my book Silent Echoes.

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2 Responses to View Academy Lecture on The General Locations

  1. Greg Michael says:

    Great presentation on locations of The General. Is there any information where the scenes at approx. 29:45 to 30:40 minutes in the film, where a locomotive is on a trestle bridge and Keaton’s loco passes under the bridge, were filmed? I suspect it wasn’t around Cottage Grove. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Hi Greg – thank you for your message. I searched some for that trestle, mostly by studying USGS topographic maps to see if a rail line crossed a gap above another rail line below, but didn’t find anything. It was not an exhaustive search. I wonder how far Buster would be willing to travel for that gag. Maybe it was 150 miles away from Cottage Grove, in which case it would be a real needle in haystack to find. Wherever it was filmed, you’d think it would be fairly recognizable on a map, once you found the right map to review. Thanks again, John


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