Harold Lloyd Hollywood Tour

Tour silent-era Hollywood with this PDF guide prepared in connection with my May 22, 2011 presentation of Harold Lloyd’s Never Weaken and Girl Shy for the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.

The tour is annotated with corresponding page numbers (SV) from my Harold Lloyd film location book Silent Visions: Discovering Early Hollywood and New York through the Films of Harold Lloyd, from Santa Monica Press.  Annotations for Charlie Chaplin (ST) and Buster Keaton (SE) refer to page numbers from my Chaplin and Keaton film location books Silent Traces and Silent Echoes.  Locations that are not annotated represent new discoveries not appearing in the books.

The tour takes you to several silent-era locations right in Hollywood, as well as the sites for the Lloyd, Chaplin, and Keaton Studios.

Harold Lloyd Hollywood Film Locations – Silent Visions

HAROLD LLOYD images and the names of Mr. Lloyd’s films are all trademarks and/or service marks of Harold Lloyd Entertainment Inc. Images and movie frame images reproduced courtesy of The Harold Lloyd Trust and Harold Lloyd Entertainment Inc.

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12 Responses to Harold Lloyd Hollywood Tour

  1. Thanks for this – I ordered your Keaton book a few days ago as I’ll be in LA next week and plan to tour a few of the locations. Hopefully it’s easyish to get around. Keep up the great work.


  2. Mari says:

    John, Will you be giving a talk of any sort before or after the Harold Lloyd films at the May 22 event at the Egyptian Theater?


  3. Mari says:

    Will you be giving a talk before or after the Harold Lloyd movies on May 22?


  4. Hi Mari

    Yes, I’m giving a PowerPoint presentation about the early Hollywood landscapes appearing in both movies. We may try to do a tour beforehand.


  5. Mari says:

    Oh, darn. I tried to get tickets thru 1-800-Fandango and they said the show is sold out. Will you doing any other shows in the near future? I have just become a Harold Lloyd fan within the past year where I have played the videos in for myself at my home or with friends, but I would love to see some of his movies with a group. If I can’t see the movie, it might be fun just to come up for the tour with a group of others. Please let me know if you will be doing that. I’ve read your Keaton and Chaplin books and having grown up in So CA and worked in Los Angeles, it’s so interesting to watch the films and see how rural and uncrowded LA was and to try and identify where certain scenes were filmed. In Never Weaken you can see the Los Angeles Athletic Club in the background in one scene and then the downtown Bullock’s 7th Street bldg in another.


    • Mari

      The May 22 show is not sold out. The Egyptian is fairly large – it must be a glitch. I’m going to be part of the show when the Last Remaining Seats shows Safety Last on June 29, and will be doing a joint Chaplin/Keaton/Lloyd presentation at the Academy theater on July 20.


  6. mari says:

    Wonderful! I’ll tell my friend who was also told the show was sold out .

    Now: Possible tour before the show. What time? PowerPoint before or after the movie? Safety Last at the Egyptian on June 29? Where is Academy Theater? LA or Pasadena? Thank you.


  7. We hope to do a short walking tour prior to the Egyptian Theater screening on May 22, starting from the theater around 3:45. Plans are still fluid. I will do a PowerPoint before each of the two films.

    The LA Conservancy’s Last Remaining Seats is screening Safety Last! on Wednesday June 29, at 8:00 pm at the Orpheum Theater downtown. http://www.laconservancy.org/remaining/2011.php4#safety


  8. Mari says:

    Thanks for the clarifications, John. Looking forward to it. I was able to order tickets via 1-800-Fandango.


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  10. Lanna Pian says:

    I pre-released date orded your new book, Silent Visions, at least a month ago on Amazon, but it has not shipped yet. Is there a supply problem with Amazon fulfillment? I’m planning to attend May 22 show at the Egyptian Theater–I’m
    also on the volunteer LRS planning committee for Safety Last screening on June 29.
    We’re trying to identify film locations in downtown LA for” Safety Last” for a lobby
    display board , so Silents Visions will be s vital reference source! Thanks!


    • John Bengtson says:

      Hi Lanna

      Silent Visions debuts this Sunday at the Egyptian. I have been told the printer is shipping books to the warehouses this week, so it should enter “the stream of commerce” any day now.

      I am putting together some materials for LRS Safety Last, but maybe we can coordinate efforts. Why don’t you contact me directly by email?



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