Laurel and Hardy – Home at Last

Comedy fans across the country celebrated the recent release of Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection, a 10 DVD set from RHI Entertainment that contains all of the duo’s sound era short films, and several feature films, that had otherwise been unavailable on video release for years.

From Me and My Pal - looking north up Wellington Road towards Washington Blvd. The far distant house (yellow oval, see also below) stands at 1857 Wellington Road.

The DVD set contains one bonus feature after my own heart – a visit to several Laurel & Hardy filming locations presented by Richard W. Bann, Robert Satterfield, Jimmy Wiley Jr., and Jimmy Wiley III.

The father of the bride, James Finlayson, arrives to check on Ollie's whereabouts.

I was especially interested to see the residential street locations appearing in Me and My Pal (1933) discovered by Messrs. Wiley, where best man Stan gives groom-to-be Ollie a jigsaw puzzle that is so mesmerizing the Boys end up missing the wedding in order to complete the puzzle.  During the film various taxi drivers, delivery boys, and policemen become ensnared by the alluring puzzle.

Stan and Ollie filmed in front of 2115 Wellington Road (pin). To the left up Wellington are the traffic medians that were a clue to Messrs. Wiley. Circled in yellow is the background house mentioned above. The Los Angeles Railway "W" trolley line ran along Washington, the wide street running up-down at the left.

On the bonus program Messrs. Wiley identify two clues in the background that lead to their discovery; a traffic median dividing the wide street, and a trolley line crossing the street in the background.

A cops tickets Ollie's waiting taxi parked in front of 2115 Wellington Road. The house across the street shown here is 2108 Wellington Road.

While the bonus program informs us generally that the setting was in the Lafayette Square neighborhood, it does not provide the particular address.  So to complete this post I had to do a little detective work of my own.  The primary scenes were filmed in front of 2115 Wellington, south of Washington Avenue, where the busy Los Angeles Railway “W” trolley line once ran.

Matching view looks up Wellington Road.

Me and My Pal (B&W) (C) 1933 CCA; (C) Hal Roach Studios, Inc. ; (C) 2011 RHI Entertainment Distribution, LLC.

Google Street View (C) 2011 Google.  Bing Maps Bird’s Eye – © 2011 NAVTEQ, Pictometry Bird’s Eye © 2011 Pictometry International Corp., © 2011 Microsoft Corporation.

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3 Responses to Laurel and Hardy – Home at Last

  1. Scatter says:

    John, I’m continually fascinated by the detective work, and grateful for the history and locations you resurrect. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Robby says:

    I am so delighted to add this DVD set to my Christmas list. My earliest memories of watching TV were not morning cartoons, but watching Laurel & Hardy shorts. They used to show “the boys” on television all the time. Then, for awhile it seemed almost impossible to see them on TV except for a rare occaision maybe on TCM – and there were was no comprehensive DVD release in the States either. It’s so nice to see that Laurel & Hardy are finally getting a DVD release that they and the fans deserve!


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    During the International Laurel and Hardy Convention in Los Angeles about 4 years ago, this was one of the locations we visited.


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